Your Well-Being Is Our Top Priority.

We Provide Research-Based and High-Quality Autism and ADHD Therapy.

Our Mission.

To increase the independence and promote the wellbeing of people with Autism or other developmental disorders. We achieve this by providing them with the necessary skills to thrive in any environment.

Our Vision:

Our priority is to meet the needs that arise by providing alternative solutions for change and ensuring the use of cutting-edge technology to achieve objectives.

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Our Values


Our method is based on continuous monitoring of our effectiveness.


We know the barriers in our community and we strive to dissolve them.


You will find clarity in our way of working from the beginning.


We are fully committed to change based on ethical principles, such as dignity and respect and equality.


The vocation to serve our community is an essential requirement for our selection of personnel.

What is ABA therapy

What is ABA Therapy?

It is a science-based methodology that our staff uses to meet autistic family members´ needs efficiently and effectively.

ABA therapy focuses on:

Where do our services occur? We deliver in home and in school and telehealth services.

What population do we work with? We work for all children from the age of 2 up to 12 years old.

Why Choose Us?


We work hard and passionately for the best of your family.


We speak English and Spanish to best serve you.


It is in our hands to make the change possible and we make it confidently.


We understand all people´s situation and we strive to adjust our services accordingly.


We provide regular supervision on their performance to ensure success.

Initial and Periodic Assessments

We assess your child’s skills to set up a treatment plan and a behavior support plan periodically.

Direct Therapy

The sessions are individualized with one licensed therapist fully dedicated to your child. Every skill/behavior emitted that we target will be collected and stored in our system for future references to make clinical decisions.

Family Guidance

Our behavior analysts will support parents in understanding the teaching and behavior management techniques used within our sessions. It is strongly evidenced that continuous parental engagement increases positive results in your child.

Supervision of Our Behavior Therapists

Our behavior analysts oversee the behavior therapists’ performance consistently on a weekly basis.

Our Services

Is Autism Wings in my area? We work physically in the county of Hillsborough, Florida, but we also deliver remote services of telehealth and supervision.

Expanding our services is always possible. Contact us to inquire if we work within your area. We will do our best to make it possible.